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Dave started his musical journey in 5th grade opting to play the trumpet.  In Jr. high, he bounced between first and second chair until entering high school where the grip of Iron Maiden became too strong to fight.  He opted to ditch the trumpet for a bass guitar when his cigarette-smoking, leather jacket-wearing, guitar-playing friends needed a bass player for their rock band.

From high-school talent shows, to backyard parties, to battle of the bands charades, he cut his teeth on the 4-stringed thing.  He will tell you Iron Maiden is likely his favorite band of all time, but he was a product of the 80s hard rock bands and, to this day, still loves it all.

When college hit, well, tastes evolved and he found, as the grung scene was firing up, Pearl Jam's "Ten" and Primus' "Sailing the Seas of Cheese".  Then "TOOL".  Well it was all over, then.  Tool, Soundgarden, Primus, STP, AIC, etc. became the fabric of his being, well, at least a good percentage of it.  His older brother and his brother's best friend (both incredible drummers) introduced him to Col. Bruce Hampton and Aquarium Rescue Unit, BrandX, Tribal Tec, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bela Fleck, Peter Gabriel, etc.  Wow did that change things for him!  This is when he discovered bass icons Claypool, Oteil, Victor, Stanley, Jaco, , Miller, Levin, Billy, Waymon, Willis, Porcaro, etc.  Drummers like Steve Smith, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckyl, and Dennis Chambers, just to name a few, all tugging at his heart strings.

He gigged extensively in Parkersburg, WV, and Athens, OH, in bands named "William Telski" and "Pole" ripping through anything from dittys like "Have a Cigar" to "The Pressman" to "Face Pollution" to "Pic Hits" (by Schofield) and everything inbetween.

As with many people, life got real and he got away from playing music, altogether, for many years until the last couple of years when he formed a friendship with his kid's dad, Kris Evans (y'all know who he is).  Kris invited him over for a quick jam where they found common ground and began a special friendship.  The rest is history.

Main influences:  His brother, Greg Radcliff, and any musicians who play great music.

Main axes- Spector Euro LX 4-string, Spector Euro-Bolt 5, Stingray BFR 5'er, and a Radcliff home-made special.

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